Ethical. Eco-friendly. Cruelty-free. And 100% vegan.

We offer vegan apparel that's not just cruelty-free; it also looks good. We believe vegan message wear that stands out has more impact. And just like you, we want to change the world.

All of our clothing is made responsibly, using only PETA-approved manufacturers with high environmental standards. Our vegan apparel is made from 100% organic cotton, which uses less water than standard cotton and is much better for the planet.

We've done all the research, so you can shop with confidence.

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Organic cotton is GMO-free, uses less water, has much lower carbon emissions than conventional cotton, and does not involve using any chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides.

My Vegan Clothing doesn't only have a responsibility to protect animals. We must also protect our planet by using sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives for clothing, such as organic cotton.   
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